IoT, Fintech, Analysis, Insights and related solutions

The AfriGIS Suite of products below, provides easy reference for our customers who want to know more about our solutions in practice. Our interconnected solutions allow us to get and send data to enabled devices and provide you with the answers you need. Based on data we receive from connected solutions we answer

We have been giving Location context to sensors in the Internet of Things for 14 years, positioning our first sim-enabled device in 2003.


We make maps


We find people, places and things


We communicate the results

AfriGIS Enterprise, powered by the AfriGIS Mobility Framework,
solves real business challenges.

The AfriGIS core datasets are differentiated by the fact that they have a unique identifier that never changes. This enables customers to keep track of name changes, specific activities at the address and various other risk and KYC related attributes in a POPI compliant environment.


Tools that find and monitor where fixed and moveable assets and people are.

Capture precise, geomapped addresses
If it has a SIM you can find, manage and track it.
Monitor, Track and Schedule smart devices.
Seamless integrated secure location based user authentication.


Tools that assist with getting you to and from assets. Including dispatch and route optimisation.

Click, select and drive.


Tools that capture information about assets using a tablet or smartphone.

Capture it where it happens.


Tools that help you plan and analyse what should happen and what happened based on data captured in the field. Communicate the important messages by serving geographically relevant information and adverts to mobile devices.

Communicate insights with maps.
Talk to any consumer, anyWHERE anytime.