Create a map

Create a map

Our Maps are the visual stories we create with great Data

What is your Data trying to tell you.

Accurate, Verified, Updated

Your business is only as good as the quality of data that can be leveraged.


The AfriGIS Unique Identifier helps you to keep track of data changes over time

Standards compliant

SABS SANS 1883 & ISO compliant


The backbone of your Insights

SABS SANS 1883 & ISO compliant

At AfriGIS we answer the where questions of your business by bringing quality location information to life.

Aggregating, building and maintaining world class Datasets since 1997 in accordance with industry and address standards.


Get all your answers by typing just one address...

  • Does the address exist?
  • What is the erf number?
  • Who is the owner?
  • Is the address standards compliant?
  • Accessibility to convenience and necessities?

Put your business on the map

Be more competitive by adding offices, branches or assets on a map.

“A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colours show the realisation of great dreams.”

~ Gilbert H. Grosvenor, Editor of National Geographic (1903- 1954)