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Mo AfriGIS re bua Setswana | AfriGIS speaks Setswana


A re buweng seTswana | Let’s speak Setswana

AfriGIS is committed to development and growth in South Africa. Being the Rainbow nation, we are privileged to have eleven official languages in our country. At AfriGIS we embrace the fact that communication is fundamental to the success of both an organisation and a society as a whole.

We are therefore proud to present the AfriGIS Languages Initiative Setswana podcasts to you, free of charge, for your enjoyment, ease of use and ultimately personal growth.

You can download them from the links listed below and in essence, learn at your own pace.


Setswana Lesson Downloads

1. Introduction to Setswana
2. Greetings in Setswana
3. Phrases for daily use
4. Expressing Needs
5. Meeting and Greeting
6. Health and Safety Phrases
7. Structure of Simple Sentences
8. Shopping Phrases
9. Common food items in Setswana
10. Possessive Nouns
11. Linking Words
12. Cultural Ceremonies
13. Communication Etiquette and Social Wellness
14. Gender related roles and responsibilities
15. Sporting activities

16. Family Life and Structure

17. Common Phrases to use at the Filling Station
18. Future Tense

19. Future Tense Negative

20. Clothing Items and Dress Code

21. Question Words and Phrases
22. Prepositions
23. Time Phrases
24. Seasons and Weather Conditions
25. Travelling in South Africa
26. Antonyms