Bring your monitoring and planning together

Nov 12 2015

See it as it happens on a map, while your field force captures data with their mobile devices in the field.


AfriGIS Forms data is now linked into AfriGIS GISlike! This means you can view your field data in AfriGIS GISlike. Put your field data in context and in relation to your planning by utilising the new AfriGIS Forms functionality in AfriGIS GISlike.

AfriGIS GISlike with AfriGIS Forms integration


  • Compare your planned site visits with what actually happened
  • Fast, simple and correct data capturing and validation at remote sites
  • Validate information used to make decisions with actual real-time information from your field force
  • Real-time updates allow you to see it as it happens
  • Identify gaps in your business footprint
  • Increased profitability with improved task scheduling and monitoring
  • Risk profiling, analysis and management
  • Real-time updates and response for better planning and decision-making
  • Municipal asset management
  • Trend analysis
  • Online demographic mapping
  • Flexible licensing models



To trial this functionality we will need your email address for AfriGIS GISlike
and your mobile phone number for AfriGIS Forms.

Email us your contact details today, to activate accounts
for AfriGIS GISlike and AfriGIS Forms.

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