AfriGIS Data

Aggregating, building and maintaining world class Datasets since 1997 in accordance with industry and address standards.


Tools that find and monitor where fixed and moveable assets and people are.

Capture precise, geomapped addresses
If it has a SIM you can find, manage and track it.
Monitor, Track and Schedule smart devices.


Tools that assist with getting you to and from assets. Including dispatch and route optimisation.

Click, select, drive
Real time monitoring and response.
AfriGIS Logbook is a handy tool that logs your trips


Tools that capture information about assets using a tablet or smartphone.

Capture it where it happens.

Evaluate & Communicate

Tools that help you plan and analyse what should happen and what happened based on data captured in the field. Communicate the important messages by serving geographically relevant information and adverts to mobile devices.

Communicate insights with maps.
Talk to any consumer, anyWHERE anytime.

We provide easy, secure access to quality location information and insights