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  • Provinces, Municipalities, District Councils, Magisterial Districts, Electoral Wards, Tribal Authorities
  • AfriGIS National Address Database (NAD)
  • Value Added Deeds Data
  • AfriGIS Street Centrelines
  • AfriGIS Points of Interest
  • AfriGIS Suburb Boundaries
  • AfriGIS Town Boundaries
  • AfriGIS Postal Codes
  • AfriGIS Postal Code Regions
  • AfriGIS Proclaimed Town Boundaries
  • AfriGIS Built Up Coverage
  • AfriGIS Gated Communities
  • AfriGIS BizCounts
  • AfriGIS Route Optimisation Database
  • AfriGIS Telecoms Movements and Insights Database
  • AfriGIS Africa Data
  • AfriGIS Risk Data (Weather, Soil, Accessibility)
  • AfriGIS Sectional Schemes
  • And more...

We provide fast secure access to quality location information and insights

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We provide fast, secure access to quality location information and insights