AfriGIS, a 20-year journey worth celebrating

Jun 7 2017

Twenty years ago, a group of bright-eyed twenty-something year olds, created what soon became a company that significantly impacted the GIS landscape of our beautiful country, with more than 130 employees today. The journey started in an old house in Park Street, Arcadia. This surely was not an easy ride, but a dynamic business was built and shaped over the years to become the company it is today – a leader in technology innovation – answering WHERE by giving easy secure access to quality location information and insights.


We have seen it grow, evolve and continue to become better in everything location and innovation related. AfriGIS has created strong ties and relationships within the AfriGIS family, our partnerships, as well as with our respected clients. We always believe in better and take personal interest to go more than the extra mile to make our company and its solutions more valuable.

On Friday, 2 June 2017, AfriGIS employees came together to celebrate our 20-year milestone, draped in beautiful African décor with servings of good food and drinks, good music, face paint and great speeches to toast to. This included going down memory lane about the birth of AfriGIS and the evolution of the brand, values, and sharing the recorded statistics of hours worked and the number of people who have contributed in building the company in various ways. Founders, Charl Fouche and Magnus Rademeyer, also shared their experiences and great times spent building the business from the ground up, as well as highlighting the greatest achievements and thanking their supporters and contributors to the business.

Highlights from the day’s toasts:

“Thank you Charl and Magnus for taking this risk 20 years ago by building a company that not only provide us with work, but decent enjoyable work and livelihood. You are what this country really needs.” Peter Smythe


“For me, AfriGIS is as close as you can get to family, away from family. No one is a number or without a face and, although we might not know everything about everyone in the business – we care, and we share in each other’s joy and heartache. That, to me makes us, us.” Martha Burger


“May AfriGIS continue to supply us with opportunities where we can grow, live fulfilling lives and give us more memories that we can treasure.” Iaan Roux


“Thank you, Magnus and to everyone, for investing your number and time in making AfriGIS a success. It has been an interesting ride for the last 20 years. To my wife, thank you for investing in me.” Charl Fouché


“Thank you to our Heavenly Father. It’s been a tremendous blessing to be involved in this endeavour for such a long time. There have been many miracles and lessons learnt, as well as a lot warnings heeded and unheeded. A big thank you to Charl for this journey. I would also like to give gratitude to our greatest contributors who have worked hard and sacrificed in helping us since our inception.” Magnus Rademeyer

Employees that has been at AfriGIS for 15 years plus
Employees that has been at AfriGIS for 10 years plus
Employees that has been at AfriGIS for 5 years plus

A special thank you to – the AfriGIS team members that contributed to making this special 20-year celebration a breakthrough of perfection, as well as everyone who has committed and dedicated their time over the past twenty years to build and shape AfriGIS into the company it is today. We look forward to many more fruitful years as AfriGIS continues to answer WHERE.

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