AfriGIS, answering WHERE

Jul 19 2016

We answer WHERE by giving you easy access to quality location information and insights.
Exact location and related quality information thereof have become a prerequisite in corporate master data management.

AfriGIS understands that reality and has been creating trusted base datasets for more than 15 years.
The AfriGIS master address datasets are compliant with the SANS 1883 address standard.
AfriGIS is a member of the International Standards Organisation task team on addresses ISOTC211, thus keeping abreast of all the latest thinking and developments concerning addresses.

The AfriGIS core datasets are differentiated by the fact that they have a unique identifier that never changes. This enables customers to keep track of name changes, specific activities at the address and various other risk and KYC related attributes over a long period of time; giving rise to elegant spatiotemporal analyses in the Big Data world.
AfriGIS aggregates and maintains 18 base geographic datasets, with quarterly releases since 2001.

Did you know?
  • That the Postal Streetcode for Centurion is 0157?
  • That it covers an area of no less than 86 suburbs with just under a quarter of a million of people, with an average household income ranging from R22k to R1.2 million?
  • That the Census subplace boundaries between 2000 and 2011 differ significantly?

At AfriGIS, these facts and many more form part of our daily quest to bring information about location to life.

Trust us to assist you in building your master datasets, by giving you easy access to quality location information and insights.

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