AfriGIS employees dedicate their 67 Minutes for Mandela Day to Employment Solutions

Jul 18 2016

As part of AfriGIS’s ongoing commitment to be involved and make a difference in our community AfriGIS employees devoted their 67 minutes for Mandela Day this year by visiting Employment Solutions, a non-profit organisation which was established in April 1999. The centre is involved in the facilitation of employment opportunities which cater to persons with disabilities, and provides projects and activities that best suit their capabilities. AfriGIS continues to build their relationship with the organisation to empower people through job creation and access. This contributes to showing support in the development of our community and inspiring both organisations and the public to take part in making a difference.

As Employment Solutions CEO, Ilze Meintjes said, “We empower people with disabilities and accommodate them in a disability friendly environment – making it more of a near job related capacity environment in order for them to experience life in a different yet purposeful manner. What we want you to understand is that quality is very important to us and we work hard to prove that their disability does not affect the standard expected from them.”
“Thank you to AfriGIS and your employees for your contribution and spending time with us at the centre. Interaction with different people is important. We would like you to see what we do, allow the staff to show you projects they do and have fun. We assist each other and it will give you a different experience to who we are and also creating awareness of the capabilities within the disability sector.”

With volunteers from different companies and communities coming together to celebrate Mandela Day at Employment Solutions, they had the opportunity to see what activities and projects the persons with disabilities get to do at the centre, from computer-based to industrial sewing capabilities. “The pride they have for their work is an inspiration to all of us. The focus is never on their disabilities, but on their abilities. This inspires us to look at challenges differently – not for excuses why you can’t overcome them, but for reasons why you can.” AfriGIS HR Manager Christa Welthagen commented.

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