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31 May 2013

Informative geographical analysis of Census results in your area

AfriGIS embarked on a journey to create an informative online Census portal with the release of Statistics South Africa’s (StatsSA) 2011 Census results. The portal was officially launched in April 2013.

Census 2011 was the third Census to be conducted in South Africa, since the first democratic elections in 1994. With Census 2011 various population and household attributes were measured and a variety of indicators generated from them. Over 15 million questionnaires were processed by Stats SA and the results are used as a benchmark for research and analysis.

Magnus Rademeyer, AfriGIS MD explains: “The AfriGIS Census Portal enables easy access to the Census 2011 demographic data, through a user friendly web based mapping interface. You can search for geographic locations and display various demographic variables for a given location.”

Additional functionalities include the ability to compare different geographical areas based on their demographical variables. The mapping interface enables multiple area comparisons whereby the user can select and compare up to ten different locations simultaneously.

The Census 2011 information can be viewed on provincial, municipal and ward level. The AfriGIS Census Portal offers the following key benefits:

• Quick display of Census 2011 demographic data on an interactive map
• Advanced search capabilities
• Ability to compare different geographical areas

Finding a specific location is made easy with the AfriGIS search functionality. Users have the option to search for a specific address, ward or municipality. Demographic variables currently available on the Census Portal include the following:

• Population Group
• Land Use
• Employment Status
• Gender
• Water Supply
• Annual Household Income

“We are excited to see the innovations that the industry is coming up with. It is all about the democratization of these vital datasets and the application of them to improve the lives of South Africans. The portal is an effective tool to get an initial overview of the Census data on a detailed geographic scale,” says Ashwell Jenneker Deputy Director General Statistical Support and Informatics.

“AfriGIS is very excited about the possibilities the AfriGIS Census Portal unlocks in terms of informative geographical analysis of the Census results in South Africa,” Rademeyer concluded.

To experience what the new Census data says about your area(s), go to:


How to get started:

• Hover over the map to view census data
• Click on locations to compare results
• Use ‘Report By’ to view census data on different geographical levels
• Use ‘Category’ to change the census 2011 variables


Demographic information displayed on this site was supplied by StatsSA and is free of charge. Additional demographic data can be obtained from:

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