AfriGIS Learnership, in association with CTU Training Solutions and MICT SETA

Sep 30 2014

In 2012 AfriGIS launched a new Learnership Programme, in association with CTU Training Solutions and MICT SETA. The objective of the Learnership Programme is to empower young learners and offer them the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience at AfriGIS.


The academic programme at CTU, who specialises in skills development training across various fields in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry, introduce learners to computer software, different development languages, techniques and technologies used in the software development process.


Ten candidates embarked on the journey to obtain their National Certificates: IT Systems Development, NQF level 5. The programme initially comprised of six months’ theoretical training at CTU and six months’ practical training at AfriGIS. At the end of 2012 the Learnership was extended for another year. During 2013 the learners worked towards obtaining their National Certificates: IT Database Development, NQF level 6.


Professional practitioners at AfriGIS served as mentors to guide the learners through the programme and ‘working life’. Learners also received ‘soft skills’ training from the AfriGIS Human Resources department, which focused on personal development and life skills to equip these young individuals with the necessary skills to prepare them for their careers.


AfriGIS strongly believes in reaching out to individuals less fortunate, not only to positively influence them but also to experience and enjoy the growth they demonstrate. We remain very passionate and enthusiastic about our skills development programme, which assists with the upliftment of eager and talented young individuals unable to afford further education after matric. In July 2014 we welcomed ten new learners and aim to continue with the Learnership in future, in order to invest in and empower as many young individuals as possible.


We are also very proud to announce that all ten learners have been placed in the industry since the completion of their Learnership Programme in 2013. A few of them have shared their experiences and journey this far with AfriGIS.


Some of the quotes from our learners:

“Thank you to AfriGIS for the opportunity and the experience your organisation gave to me. It has opened one door for me so far and I believe with the kind of experience and AfriGIS reputation that I carry with all the time, many more doors will be opened.”


“I am grateful to AfriGIS for the skills they have taught me. I am now an employable individual and I am happy where I am.


“I could write a book about my journey from the day that the learnership started till today. The learnership was really a team effort, and everyone contributed vastly to where I am today, and for that I am grateful.”


“Thanks to AfriGIS, may the Lord continue to bless AfriGIS for the greatness of things that they’ve done for us.”


“Your advice and experience has been tremendously helpful throughout these past two years. I truly appreciate the confidence you showed in me by giving me the Learnership. I would like to thank you for your time. I appreciate the opportunity to have worked with AfriGIS. It was a great, hands-on experience. I enjoyed participating and developing my skills. As Albert Einstein said ‘The only source of knowledge is experience’, I can indeed say boldly: AfriGIS gave me the foundation to knowledge in the workplace.”


“Words cannot describe my gratitude for the wonderful opportunity given to me from day one. AfriGIS thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the lessons learned. The experienced I have gained is irreplaceable, thank you team AfriGIS!”


“Thank you to AfriGIS for seeing potential in me when everyone else didn’t, thank you for making me realise my true gift in life. I would still be lost if AfriGIS hadn’t given me the opportunity to prove myself. Continue doing the good you are doing, continue changing household and lives.”


“Thank you AfriGIS for the opportunity, the experience and seeing potential in me. I am very happy with what I’m doing because it has always been my passion to be a developer. Continue changing lives and giving the youth opportunities to making a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Once again, thank you for such an amazing opportunity.”

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