Customers powered by AfriGIS solutions shortlisted for AfricaCom 2014 Awards

Oct 13 2014

The annual AfricaCom Awards celebrate and acknowledge leaders in digital technology, ICT, Telecommunications and Media across Africa

“The overall quality of the entries this year surpassed expectation,” commented Adam Thompson, Research Manager, Informa Telecoms & Media. “The innovation taking place in the digital ecosystem across the entire continent is heartening and also world class. Many are leaders in their fields and pioneers of new technology and services answering the needs of emerging markets that more traditional markets can and should take note of.”

Two customers powered by AfriGIS solutions have been shortlisted in the following categories:

DSD shortlisted for Changing Lives Award

This special award recognises an inspiring initiative that has significantly impacted African telecommunications in the community and contributed to economic and social development.

IEC shortlisted for Best Cost Efficiency Solution for Africa

This reward recognises an outstanding new initiative from a telecoms or ICT solution provider, or from an operator/ service provider (mobile, wireless, fixed or ISP), which has enabled greater cost efficiency in the provision of telecoms, media and ICT services in Africa


Changing Lives Category: Department of Social Development (DSD) Gender Based Violence (GBV) Command Centre

Gender Based Violence (GBV) and the effects thereof is an ongoing struggle in South Africa. It speaks to the very core of our society and poses tremendous challenges in terms of economic-growth and poverty-reduction efforts. The Gender Based Violence Command Centre (GBV CC) solution represents the first integrated technology of its kind in terms of Social Service Delivery in South Africa and arguably in the developing world

The GBV CC makes use of mobile technology to estimate the location of a victim, record and receive continuous feedback on cases. When a victim calls the GBVCC from a mobile phone, the caller (with explicit permission) can be geographically located, enabling the GBVCC to determine the victim’s closest resources. The GBV CC records the particulars and assigns the closest social worker to the case. The social worker then receives a case ticket on his/her mobile device, displaying the information captured by the GBV CC, and, through the specially developed application, the social worker provides feedback to the GBV CC.

The main purpose of the Gender Based Violence Command Centre is to empower victims, a staggering 71 percent of the women of this country, with the necessary psychosocial support to rebuild their lives. The GBV CC service model offers help, hope and the chance of a better life to the victims of gender-based abuse, even in the remotest and most underdeveloped corners of South Africa.

The Vodacom Foundation sponsored the development of the technology used by the Department of Social Development Gender Based Violence Command Centre. The resulting integrated solution was developed by Vodacom in collaboration with its subsidiaries AfriGIS and Mezzanine, with the Command Centre hosted by Advance Call.


Best Cost Efficiency Solution for Africa: Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa Voting Station Monitor

Voting Station Monitoring (VSM) was performed by a keyword-based SMS facility for elections prior to the 2014 Elections. In preparation for the 2014 Elections and registration weekends, the IEC requested bids for the provision of a Location-based USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) solution for the Registration Weekends, as well as the National and Provincial Elections in 2014.

This resulted in a Voting Station Monitor USSD location-aware solution, developed by AfriGIS. The solution was used by the IEC’s Voting District (VD) Presiding Officers, Deputy Presiding Officers and Ward Managers for reporting on Voting Station status (Open or Closed) and Voter Turnout during the 2014 Registration Weekends, and on Election Day. All captured data was synchronised with the IEC Data Centre in near real time via a Web service. This ensured that the IEC could report on the Voting Station status via the existing IEC systems.

USSD was chosen as the communication channel, as it is an interface that is supported by all networks and devices which negates any need for costly porting or device specific testing. The application gave accurate, standardised answers with the added benefit of validating if the person reporting was actually of the relevant voting station.

The solution enabled the IEC to save time, money and resources during Registration weekends and on Election Day. The resources received accurate information, which allowed prioritised interventions by management, reducing unnecessary travel and incorrect prioritisation of crisis management matters and deployment of standby personnel.

The 7th Annual AfricaCom Awards will be hosted in Cape Town on 12 November 2014.

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