Budget Car and Van Rental enhanced customer service

23 Oct 2013

AfriGIS map, location & direction tool giving Budget customers peace of mind

Budget Car and Van Rental has enhanced their service delivery tools in order to maintain its record of superior customer service. The tools provided by technology innovation company, AfriGIS, enable a higher level of client self-service and enhance the web presence information available to the client. It is important that prospective customers have the ability to see where the Budget locations are, which is closest and if they need to get there, get directions.

Budget has implemented both on its web presence and in its operations location based (mapping) services, with a focus on both enhanced customer self-service and customer support through its own call centre. For the prospective customer the service now allows the customer to view an interactive map with all the Budget points of presence highlighted (with a filter for each service, car rental, van rental, door to door etc). The prospective customer can use an address search tool to locate themselves and see a list of closest Budget facilities with all the relevant branch details. The service also allows the prospective customer to get directions on the screen together with the current traffic to assist with time planning and have this emailed to them. It further will provide calculations of delivery costs, if required.


Not only is Budget concerned about making the prospective client’s life easier but also in supporting rental clients quicker and more efficiently. The AfriGIS Call Centre tools allow the operator to view the client location and manage any support required, whether it is directions to the nearest branch or for deliveries etc. Perhaps the most valuable tool for support is the ability in an emergency to locate the caller who may not be sure of exactly where they are via the cellular number and then direct assistance to the caller.

In the modern age technology has a strong role to play in providing superior service and Budget has embraced the tools that will improve the Budget customer experience, whether in investigating how and where to engage with Budget, or once a Budget client in the case of assistance being required. The AfriGIS tools are based on the most comprehensive search functionality and datasets, combined with the latest in mobile and mapping technology with the broad footprint of Budget presence and services all combining to enhance Budget customer service.

“We have been extremely impressed with the AfriGIS mapping, locate, directions- and points of interest tool, and our customers have found the tool extremely user friendly and informative, especially international customers that do not know the country well. The tool has been incredibly helpful to our call centre and operation staff, allowing them quick reference of distance and which branches would be the closest for delivery or collection, therefore giving better service to our customers. We have implemented the tool into our Door2Door and Chauffeur Drive division as well which has allowed our chauffeurs to check for traffic delays on a regular basis, as well as calculating the distances which helps with accurate billing,” says Lindsay Versfeld – Marketing and Partnership Manager for Budget Car and Van Rental

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About Budget
Budget Rent a Car, a member of the Bidvest Group of companies, gives you the freedom on any trip.

Budget offer an extensive range of products to ensure everyone’s needs are met. We have 104 branches throughout Southern Africa to choose from and offer vehicles with the latest safety features, Budget Assist and the AfriGIS map, location & direction tool to give you peace of mind.

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