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26 Feb 2013

The proliferation of new technologies is resulting in a whole new space in positioning businesses to address responsible management of resources and environment. Any publication or industry body would be remiss if it was not addressing future sustainability through application of technology. The showcases of new possibilities and gadgets are all demonstrating and promoting what the future will look like and how we will conduct business.

We all love and enjoy the possibilities that are being presented and huge amounts of money and time are spent on attending shows, expos and conferences. The education of decision makers, policy influencers is paramount to successfully advancing our respective businesses. However it appears that we are stuck in a revolving door; spoilt with choices so that we are like the proverbial kids in a candy store, unable to make decisions.

It is time to reign in our excitement and make some choices. While we look, research and discover, the world clock keeps ticking and moving forward. Surely, it is time for leadership to take a position and make some decisions. The advancement of technology and possibilities enthrals and fascinates us but does not do anything unless we make use of it.

It is apparent that many businesses and Government entities from large to small are battling to make decisions due to the overload of information and choice. The time for analysing, formulating and writing policy is fast running out, it is time to begin implementing. The delays in transforming this vast array of choices and solutions is causing no decision to be made. Every time we think we are reaching a decision to implement we are shown something new or something that is coming and we procrastinate because we do not want to implement something that is becoming obsolete or redundant.

It is time to decide, deploy and deliver. The environment is not waiting for us to keep improving and perfecting, the world resources are not on hold while we try to choose a new direction.

AfriGIS has always recognised that there are two distinct activities in proper solutions for environmentally responsible business; research and development and deployment and delivery. While these two activities are dependent on each other and would not exist with out the other, they should be separated in a practical environment. In order to derive proper benefits and have a practical impact on resource management a responsible business needs to make decisions and take action.

AfriGIS is very proud of the solutions it has developed to provide exceptional data for decision making, simple and practical applications to enhance productivity and business friendly spatial tools for reporting and planning. We also know however that these tools will be surpassed by the tools currently being developed, however; we also are aware that business should not wait for these tools and solutions but needs to take decisive action and move from a wait and see space to a let’s do what we can with what we have. Let’s break the analysis paralysis and take some action. The AfriGIS Mobility Framework will allow your business to immediately derive efficiency of resources and enjoy the cost savings, while getting better leverage off scarce resources. Reduce your carbon footprint with increased optimisation of deliveries, sales and service calls, with mobile (paperless) data capturing tools and electronic data analysis for better planning.

We can almost guarantee that by the time your business has implemented our Mobility Framework there will be newer and better versions (which is why we believe in long term relationships) which we implement as we go along improving your business continuously. It requires real inspiration to break out of the wait and see mode into let’s implement and do, but the worlds resources aren’t waiting to see what happens.

As published in Financial Mail Essentials, Green Business Newsletter, February 2013

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