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Jun 19 2017

The beautiful Stockholm in summer was the backdrop for the 44th plenary meeting of the International Standards Organisation’s (ISO) task team, ISO/TC211, hosted from 29 May to 2 June 2017.  The meeting was the first to be held under the new chair, Christina Wasström, of the new host nation, Sweden.


44th plenary meeting of the International Standards Organisation’s (ISO) held in Stockholm, Sweden from 29 May to 2 June 2017

The meeting was attended by delegates from 23 nations. TC211 currently have participating members in 39 countries and observing members in 29 countries. The week was filled with meetings and discussions around the 28 standards that are currently in process. There were two special workshops hosted during the week. Tuesday opened its doors to experts presenting a range of topics and projects in the GIS-BIM environment. Wednesday continued with the standards in action workshop where presenters showcased the use of standards in projects ranging from water conservation to the relocation of a city. The 44th Plenary Session saw the adoption of 28 new resolutions.

The gala evening was held at the world-renowned Restaurant Stallmastaregarden.  One of the oldest restaurants in Stockholm, situated in Royal park Haga, where the Swedish crown princess and her family resides.

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AfriGIS as a company remains committed to ISO/TC211.  We are excited about the work that is being done in the address and location based services and standards environments.  We look forward to being part of the process and passing on the benefits to our South African customers.  We agree with the ISO legacy; great things happen when the world agrees.

AfriGIS is also a member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and International Cartographic Association (ICA) accredited.

The AfriGIS master address datasets are compliant with the SANS 1883 address standard. AfriGIS’s core datasets are differentiated by the fact that they have a unique identifier that never changes. This enables customers to keep track of name changes, specific activities at the address and various other risk and KYC related attributes over a long period of time

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