Dataset release sees 100 000 address additions

Oct 4 2016

Spatial data company AfriGIS has released its third quarter updates to its 14 national datasets on 21 September 2016. The release included 101 468 street address (NAD) addtions, 3644 links that were added to the Street Centrelines dataset and 38 864 Land Parcel additions. There were also 481 additions to the Sectional Schemes, and 3682 new Points of Interests added to the dataset.

The company’s youngest dataset, Gated Communities, is derived from its other datasets and includes estates, boomed off areas, commercial properties such as business parks and sectional schemes, and saw 561 additions with this latest update. Further additions include two new Towns entries, 143 new Suburbs entries, and 201 new SG Towns.


Besides the additions, existing data entries are also updated and modified, and their “confidence levels” (the company’s accuracy indicator) updated. The company’s datasets are all interlinked, enabling them to be used for geocoding addresses and validating street and post box delivery. AfriGIS also distributes CDSM datasets of built-up areas, water features, railways, nature reserves and more in addition to their value added datasets.



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