Evolution of AfriGIS product suite into industry specific solutions

21 Nov 2013

AfriGIS product suite for facilities maintenance and repair businesses

AfriGIS is now celebrating the evolution of its products into an industry specific solution for facilities management and maintenance companies.

This is a major step forward in bridging the gap between expensive and complex technology and businesses who require simple easy to use solutions says Brian Civin, AfriGIS Chief Business Officer.


If one considers a plumbing or electrical service provider, there is opportunity for these companies to obtain benefit by becoming more efficient and effective, using tools that up until now have only been in the reach of large corporate businesses. The typical plumbing company who has to manage five to ten (or even more) teams on the road visiting sites, is now able, using LBS (Location Based Technology), to actively position these teams by the use of mobile devices, to confirm their location. This means that the business can now check on the location of teams at specific sites and times, confirming their productivity. We combine this with our planning tools allowing a business to position the client site on a map and plan scheduling in the most efficient manner. This also helps with ensuring that when a call comes in the address is validated and sent directly into the field teams Navigator Inbox – so; no more going to the wrong address or deviating from the best (or required) route. An even greater benefit is that the Navigator produces a daily logbook that can be used for logging trips and managing fuel and vehicle use.


AfriGIS is committed to solving day to day challenges in business by applying technology in a user friendly way that anyone in the office can operate. Our goal is to bring technology to the every day user who does not want to be an IT specialist but wants to benefit from being more efficient, Civin commented.

The AfriGIS product cycle now enables businesses to take a call, validate the address, allocate a response team, log the trip and monitor the site visit form a single standard desktop PC at a really affordable price. “We certainly believe we will add value with this to many businesses’ efficiencies and bottom line”, Civin concluded.

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