Famous Brands tell how AfriGIS tools help in giving them the competitive edge

Apr 15 2015

Geo-demographic information powering decision making on sales patterns, competitor analyses and customer trends

Through the use of GIS and spatial information Famous Brands can now easily conduct market research, competitor- and business analyses by locating existing franchises and establish new opportunities for franchise growth throughout their network.


After extensive research on geographic analysis, demographic information and the power of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Famous Brands incorporated AfriGIS’s GISlike into their business processes, in order to integrate internal and external data into a central GIS System.


The AfriGIS GISlike platform was customised to integrate with the Famous Brand franchise network. Site assessments are performed by using AfriGIS data and QGIS to evaluate the viability of each site in terms of brand proximity, demographics and location based performance. Existing and new lease agreements are analysed and captured to conduct rental benchmarking reports, which include trading format, geographic area, GLA (gross ‘lettable’ area) and more. Comprehensive reports for site assessments are compiled and updated frequently.


“AfriGIS GISlike plays a key role in our annual planning across business units through from marketing to operations, e.g where to enter the market and to identify high trade performance areas. It also enables the user to view and analyse full audit trails of new business and proposed sites for future reference and continuity. Applying AfriGIS GISlike as business intelligence and planning tool provides decision-makers with the ability to compare and interpret data on consumers, sales patterns and customer trends with census and geo-demographic information,” says Jacolene Goosen, Famous Brands Business Manager.


The AfriGIS GISlike platform provides direct support with all roll-out schedules, store openings and allocation of projects to Business Managers. Project progress are managed and controlled with the assistance of divisional Administrator to provide regular updates to the required parties. New business activities on all proposed new sites can be managed through AfriGIS GISlike by the various project life cycle statuses. Information is visually displayed on different maps, immediately indicating areas to be reviewed.



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