Financial Mail’s Business Essentials speaks to AfriGIS

Jul 13 2016

AfriGIS Director, Magnus Rademeyer sits in with Financial Mail’s Business Essentials to give a short interview of who we are and how we give easy access to quality information and insights.

We are passionate about innovation, and specifically innovation around location by answering the WHERE questions. We do this by making maps, building geographic datasets and software tools that disseminate those. Finding places, people and things and communicating the results – adding third party information and giving meaningful insights by summarising the patterns we see. Patterns relate to everything; from where potential customers are, to driving efficiencies through geographic optimisation -closest, shortest, fastest.


We deliver these answers to you as reports or invisibly into your own solutions via our internal mapping and analytics software platforms. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and as such our solutions are modular and integrated, for you to choose what you want or simply ask us to discover the answers with you.

View the interview here:

AfriGIS – Everything about Everywhere

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