Know exactly WHERE your customers are

Nov 15 2017

Accurate, verified & geomapped addresses solves data quality, KYC (Know Your Customer), risk and compliance challenges

Addresses are used for almost everything we do daily:
  • Financial services and insurance
  • Courier services
  • Telecommunications
  • Municipal services
  • Economic development
  • Tax collection & verification
  • Emergency response services
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure planning
  • And more…
Why ONE LOCATION has multiple address answers:
446 Rigel Avenue South, Rigelpark, Erasmusrand

Rigel Avenue runs through multiple suburbs and the Street Name changes

446 Rigel Avenue could be:
• Erf 291 Rigel Avenue or
• 1/291 Rigel Avenue

Gated Community or Sectional Scheme addresses could be supplied

  • Included in the latest release of AfriGIS Search:
  • More than 40 million address combinations, including those tricky erf-based ones
  • Enhanced filtering on more address types (unit numbers, postal codes, friendly names etc.)
  • Improved alignment with international address standards – SANS1883 Compliant
  • Alignment with risk data, deeds, area demographics, weather-, lightning– & hail history & forecast
  • Hail warnings based on customer domicile, work or real-time position

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