AfriGIS launches integrated logbook functionality

23 Sep 2013

Technology innovation company AfriGIS announced the launch of their integrated logbook functionality with their popular Navigation tools.

The logbook functionality is integrated into their Free AfriGIS Navigator product and the paid for AfriGIS Navigator Plus with Traffic.

“How the logbook is different from other tools is that it is integrated seamlessly with the Navigator. This means you actually create a logbook while driving, without activating any other functionality” explains AfriGIS MD Magnus Rademeyer.

Users simply register their Navigator and provide an email address. The system automatically links their travels and sends an email with the distances, start- & end street addresses and times, for the previous day in a neat format. The functionality comes standard and at no extra cost to users.

“For power users, a premium paid-for service includes accessing and exporting data from a centralised interface and managing the logbooks of multiple vehicles. The premium option also integrates with the real-time TracB component inside the AfriGIS Navigator. TracB allows users to view and track their devices in real time while navigating, or at specified time intervals when not driving. The premium option can function as a complete Smartphone based vehicle tracking solution for under R20 per month, with the added benefit of built-in Navigation and Logbooks” says Rademeyer.

When asked about the tolling component, Rademeyer explained that the daily logbook emails will include kilometres travelled. Relevant tolls, which would have been paid for on the trip, for a variety of vehicles, categories and classifications, will be included in the near future. This would imply existing toll gates and future tolling initiatives, such as GFIP e-tolls, are all covered. Estimates on actual costs for different types of vehicles and payment options are also included, to answer any travel related questions that may arise.


How to get started?

Simply SMS your email address to 41488, sms costs R0.50. You will then receive an email verification link. Click to verify and start logging trips as you travel. Remember to switch on AfriGIS Navigator when you get in the car and choose your destination to navigate to. Have a nice trip. Drive carefully!

Currently available on all major BlackBerry handsets, scheduled releases on Android and iPhone mid October 2013.

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