Online mapping for business applications

May 4 2015

The AfriGIS GISlike, an online mapping and analysis application, allows its users to streamline their planning and operations by mapping their own data, together with extensive AfriGIS and Census datasets, This allows users to view and analyse their customer data on a map and adjust or modify their trade areas or maintenance and sales strategies in the context of Census and other AfriGIS datasets.


Users can find out where their customers are, and identify areas for potential services. The platform also enables users across various government and private industries to adjust their trade areas, sales strategies and decision-making processes. Information is visually displayed on different maps, such as heat maps, immediately indicating areas to be reviewed. Other benefits of the application include free online demographic mapping; market, consumer and risk profiling; market research, risk analysis and risk management; trend analysis; gap analysis to determine potential business areas; and municipal asset management.


Published by EE Publishers:

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