Point A to B: Do I have public transport available?

May 3 2017

Point A to B: Do I have public transport available?

South Africa desperately needs more viable, safe and sustainable public transport. Millions of commuters make use of public transport on a daily basis, of which the majority are dependent on minibus taxis.Putco is South Africa’s oldest and largest bus company, operating 1,600 buses, employing over 4,200 people and transporting more than 230,000 commuters daily in Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Gauteng, covering over 90 million km’s per annum.

Moving forward is an integral part of the way Putco conducts business, not only in their day to day operations but in their vision around optimising services to commuters. Part of their long-term vision is to provide one-click access to their routing information to commuters, empowering them to plan their ideal trip.

AfriGIS shares in this vision and passion to give commuters easy access to routing information and planning. By capturing all existing Putco routes and linking relevant information, Putco can optimise their existing routes and schedules to fulfil commuter needs.

Existing routes can be viewed in relation to the changing environment to highlight gaps in services and to determine where demand exceeds supply. Bus trips can be adjusted to cater for different volumes on different routes at different times of the day, providing in the specific needs of commuters.

Road networks change over time and routes need to be adjusted accordingly to ensure optimised routing. This results in not only providing better service to commuters but also minimising expenses, which in the end filters down to commuters through savings on ticket prices.

Commuters should be able to use route information captured and maintained to view routes, plan trips, determine bus movement and budget for trips.

If commuters know WHERE buses are in relation to their location(s), they can plan accordingly and move forward innovatively from point A to B.


About the Project

Phase 1 of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) project has been completed successfully; all routes have been mapped. Phase 2, which will commence soon, comprise bus routing, a customer alert solution, call centre application and quick code (USSD) service. Putco has also partnered with Netstar in a live tracking project, including the usage of on-board cameras, which will link the AfriGIS project into the tracking project. This will improve Putco’s service delivery to passengers levels unsurpassed in the commuter bus passenger industry.

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