Spatial database user group discusses application development

Aug 20 2015

The Oracle Spatial and Graph special interest group held their second biannual meeting for 2015 on 20 August. The user group forms part of the larger South African Oracle User Group (SAOUG) community and serves as a knowledge-sharing platform for users of the Spatial and Graph component of the Oracle Database. Users introduced the topics of discussion, with Oracle product manager Hans Viehmann and colleague Albert Godfrind guiding the discussions and lending it an international perspective.


Users who attended the Oracle Spatial and Graph special interest group.


Viehmann gave an overview of important product and features updates, most notably the recent introduction of the Big Data Spatial and Graph. It does not replace the existing component, and Viehmann said the two are often used in tandem – the big data component used as a form of pre-processing for large, multi-format datasets, with the results fed into the conventional database for processing and analyses.


With users’ questions about application development in mind, Viehmann also discussed the company’s role as a principle member of the Open Geospatial Consortium, an international industry consortium for developing geospatial standards which promote interoperability. He further recommended users look to international frameworks in their development projects, such as INSPIRE for example, which are usually well-documented, semantically well-defined, and built on standards and principles of interoperability. Because these frameworks are not mandatory in South Africa it can be tweaked to fit the purpose at hand. Such frameworks should none the less not be adopted without a comprehensive understanding in the specific application development.


Users were also reminded of the upcoming South African Oracle User Group Connect 2015 Conference which takes place in Cape Town in September 2015.


Content & photo Credit: PositionIT/EE Publishers
Source: Spatial Database User Group discusses application development

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