The mystery of having ONE location but MULTIPLE address answers

Mar 10 2017

Why ONE location has MULTIPLE address answers

We received many queries and had interesting discussions around this topic after the publication of our November 2016 Newsflash.

Based on the number of requests received, we have decided to present the same information again, in order to provide more clarity and further information on HOW

AfriGIS can assist you to solve Data Management challenges.

Our country’s history results in different sets of boundaries fulfilling different purposes and as clearly indicated by our clients, this can cause substantial challenges in terms of Master Data Management.

Due to the misunderstandings and complexities around it, we wanted to enlighten you again regarding WHY they are different.

Hence the diagram below, illustrating why ONE location has MULTIPLE address answers
AfriGIS enables you to make sense of the complexities, legacy and data challenges
Our Products & Solutions empower you to IDENTIFY the challenges and by using our toolset you can INTEGRATE the CORRECT ANSWERS into your data capturing processes.

Because our addresses are SMART they also link to Deeds, CIPC, Census, Postal Code boundaries and the like…

The BENEFITS you will get are numerous:

  • Increased business opportunities
  • Improved compliance
  • Better production times
  • Effective marketing campaigns
  • Supply chain efficiencies
  • Revenue gain
  • Accurate business decisions
  • Satisfied customers
  • And more…

Your Master Data accuracy ensures the quality of your end-results and services.
Contact us to see how our Smart Addresses can solve your Data Management challenges.

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