Workshop shows big data business benefits

Apr 19 2018

The first quarter AfriGIS Data and Spatial Workshop on 13 March 2018 in Midrand highlighted ways for companies to make sense of big data. AfriGIS’s chief business officer, Brian Civin, first gave an overview of framework areas for big data integration, warehousing, and analytics.

The company’s data expert, Christopher Ueckermann then introduced the latest dataset releases and updates for the past quarter, highlighting the important changes to the datasets and the maintenance schedules and plans for the next releases. He focused on the Gated Communities dataset and the many additions made in the Sectional Schemes dataset. The company focussed its efforts in preparing the base datasets in the last quarter. Ueckermann also explained that there lies value in connecting one’s internal data and extracting the value of other sources of data for better analysis and sustainable improvement in your business environment.

Nhlanhla Mabaso, AfriGIS project manager, proceeded to give examples of big data applications in to business decision making along with tips for working with big data. In closing, Kredar Projects’ André Voges explored examples and case studies of the uses of reference data, and its processes.

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