Need to optimise your
dispatch and home
delivery services?

Many companies wrestle with the challenge of too many returns or non-deliveries. We can provide your business with real-time information through systems that can help you save money, time, and effort when handling and deciding on reverse logistics operations.

Our automation technologies create smooth delivery processes that improve customer experience and also reduce the costs involved in last mile deliveries.

Improve your first attempt delivery rates

Our approach includes:

  • Define client-specific delivery challenges
  • Identify Address Validation strategy
  • Access to AfriGIS Address Search capabilities
  • AfriGIS Navigator integration

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Access verified and validated data via our APIs. Integrate in your own solutions.


Experience our capabilities in action.

Take a look at our capabilities, play around, ask us questions. Find out how AfriGIS unlocks the valuable geospatial insights you need to succeed.

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