Data & Spatial Workshop November 2022

Can your business afford to NOT verify address data? Join us as we discuss the science behind data at our Data and Spatial Workshop.

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How African online retail will grow to the next level

Online retail in Africa represents an enormous growth opportunity but it will only be realised when online retailers and their courier partners can solve the “last mile” challenge of first-time delivery success. Here’s how they can do just that.

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Geospatial data science is good for the books: here's why

Companies shouldn’t have to write off significant income to irrecoverable debt. This is how many are dealing with the crisis.

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How the brands we love use data now to actually be better

Maps apps and apps that use maps are so integral to our every day lives that we barely notice them anymore. But they make a big impact. Find out why the past was difficult, what the new challenges are, and how the brands you love use geospatial intelligence to make a difference.

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Why you need to stop wasting time and money on unrecognised addresses

If you have anything to do with address data in your business then one of our experts wants to give you a nugget of free advice. To save you time, money and help you to be more profitable with your address data.

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SAVE TIME Get all your answers by typing just one address...

SAVE TIME Get all your answers by typing just one address... Feb 6 2018 - Does the address exist? - What is the erf number? - Who is the owner? - Is the address standards compliant? - Accessibility to convenience and necessities? Population density heatmap, Lightning strikes, Suburb risk factors...

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