GIS Technology

A GIS leap forward in the customer journey.

Groundbreaking geospatial technology can enhance every step of the customer journey. An advanced autocomplete feature for pinpoint address accuracy, coupled with a service provider allocation system based on real travel distances, ensures swift and precise service for one of SA’s leading digital satellite TV companies. Time travel bands optimise installer matching for efficiency, while strategic planning significantly cuts operational costs.

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What are you looking for?

The ability to quickly find and analyse information is key to making informed decisions. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are transforming search functions across industries, making them more spatially aware and contextually relevant than ever before. From optimising supply chains and planning urban infrastructures to enhancing customer experiences in retail, GIS technology provides precise, geospatially informed search results that drive efficiency and effectiveness. GIS assists in everything from route optimisation for logistics to risk assessment in banking and insurance, and even in choosing the perfect real estate location. Discover how GIS is revolutionising industries by enabling more informed property searches, optimising retail locations, aiding in environmental conservation, and enhancing the tourism experience.

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