AfriGIS – Sustainable and ethical harvesting

(16 April 2021)

Supporting sustainable development through geospatial solutions

AfriGIS, Africa’s leaders in geospatial science and geospatial information solutions, is extremely proud of its ongoing social development initiatives established through a deep-rooted commitment to improve the lives of ordinary South Africans. The South African economy is historically underpinned by the value chain of natural resources and many communities are reliant on the continued sustainable contribution of these resources to their livelihood and well-being.


The implementation of solutions to support the Biotrade industry in general and South Africa in particular, at a level accessible to smaller contributors to the industry is imperative to the ongoing viability of the communities whose livelihood is dependent on this. We are grateful for the hard work being done by the various players attempting to address food security, sustainable resource management and grass roots level management of resources. Specifically, the efforts of the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), the South African Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) and the ABS compliant Biotrade in South(ern) Africa (ABioSA) project which is delivered by GIZ and funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Cooperation (SECO).


AfriGIS has a rich history as geospatial scientists in developing innovative and ground-breaking applications of GIS and Data technologies that assist both the State and the Commercial environments in improving the efficiency of service delivery, land management and insights into location sensitive activities. In this case particularly, we are excited to be appointed by GIZ to deliver a solution in South Africa that is accessible to all levels of participation in the value chain of natural resource management; in this instance harvesting of Marula fruit. We understand that in most cases the harvesting of natural food resources is on a rural and widespread basis utilising the labour of local communities with limited technological access and support. AfriGIS’s contribution is assisting to connect the consumer to the prime source of the product they are consuming; and allow comfort in the knowledge that the products consumed are ethically harvested and beneficiated.


As we move into a new world of information accessibility and sharing; the link between producers, harvesters and the consumer become more important to ensure that the use of products is not based on unsustainable practices and unfair labour exploitation. AfriGIS solutions enables the linking of products to the point of origin and the community engaged in the production of those products. The focus is specifically on smaller entities and communities that are marginal with limited access to marketing, technology, and channels to expose their involvement.


As data scientists who go beyond geography to make the connections no one else sees. We believe our involvement will add value to those that need it the most and through the support of organisations like GIZ, this will provide a more secure space in the value chain and strengthen our drive to help transform societies, people’s lives and business.

Walking through the field harvesting
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