Meet AfriGIS Iris: A Window into the Inner World of Our Solutions

(Pretoria, South Africa – Wednesday 18 August 2021)  

Meet AfriGIS Iris: A Window into the Inner World of Our Solutions 

We realise that it is not always easy to understand what geospatial information systems (GIS) are capable of, so allow us to introduce you to AfriGIS Iris. 

Launching today as an informative and educational platform, AfriGIS Iris was developed by our team of geospatial scientists with the explicit aim of taking you on an interactive journey to demonstrate the capabilities of AfriGIS Solutions.  

AfriGIS Iris demystifies the complexities of how our solutions can be put into action, by providing insight into the inner workings of the building blocks which make up our solutions. AfriGIS Iris not only shares practical applications and a visual showcase of some of the native solutions we offer, but it is also intended to exhibit the potential of GIS in action. 


In the Beta version of AfriGIS Iris you can:  

  • Explore Map Backgrounds for geographical context in relation to your scale and location; 
  • Discover Map Layers for additional insights that can inform better decision-making; 
  • Try Address Search to get automated address matches; 
  • Use Check Route to accurately map routes with a refined address search functionality that is based on verified and validated address data*; 
  • Or learn how to integrate our Delivery Address Formatting API to customise your product or service delivery offerings 

More modules will be launched soon, and additional features will be considered as we receive feedback from users and our clients over the coming months.   

AfriGIS Iris is all about the detail – presented in a simplified manner.  

The interface of each module or component on the platform features a description, while explanatory videos and technical documentation highlight the possible uses and implementation of an AfriGIS Solution. In addition, each page exhibits the power of an AfriGIS Solution in action by way of client and industry examples. You can also engage with AfriGIS experts and explore customisable solutions that meet your business needs regardless of the industry you are in. 


Contact us to book a demo where one of our in-house experts will guide you through AfriGIS Iris to discover the possibilities of WHERE.  

*Our ‘Data You Can Trust’ Promise: Our accurate, verified and validated address data is SABS and ISO compliant with over 50 million searchable addresses. 

For more information visit:

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