Check your e-toll fees

Feb 7 2014

Popular demand has prompted us to write an e-toll plug-in for AfriGIS Navigator, trusted by over 300 thousand South Africans.

This handy tool allows you to check your routes and toll charges accruing to your e-toll account.

This is a free service on your AfriGIS Navigator.

Start using it today!

How to get started

We need to match your e-mail address with your mobile number.

To do this, SMS your email address to 41488 and click on the email verification link.

This will cost you R0.50
(It’s the cheapest one we could find!)

You need the AfriGIS Navigator app.

This is easy – go to your relevant app store

You can either download the free version or the ‘Plus’ version with LIVE traffic included.

Lastly we need to match AfriGIS Navigator with your mobile phone.

Go to INBOX on the app and register.

NB: Trips are only logged if you use AfriGIS Navigator to navigate you to your destinations.The process will be simplified in our next Navigator release (March 2014).

For now, please bear with us.
Have a nice trip, drive carefully!

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