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The power of geospatial data to enhance KYC and customer service in banking.

The integration of geospatial data in financial services is transforming the industry by enhancing Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and customer experiences. This shift towards digital transformation allows financial institutions to accurately verify customer identities, assess risks, and ensure regulatory compliance. Using real-time location analytics, these institutions can better understand customer behaviours and preferences, leading to personalised services and targeted marketing. Address compliance, a key aspect of KYC, benefits from the accuracy and completeness that geospatial data provides, streamlining customer onboarding and improving security. This approach not only aids in detecting fraud but also significantly enhances customer interaction, promising a future where data-driven insights are central to financial transactions and customer relationships.

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Accountable Institutions can rely on AfriGIS to verify client addresses anywhere and everywhere

Wherever your clients are, AfriGIS has you covered! Our geospatial solutions enable accountable institutions to verify client addresses accurately and efficiently. Enhance your compliance efforts with our trusted APIs. Stay ahead of the game and combat financial crimes effectively.

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How geospatial data is revolutionising banking

Imagine a wealth of information on a single map. Location and geospatial services are making a significant impact on the banking industry. Geospatial data is an asset to the financial industry, offering banks a wealth of advantages impossible to gain from other data types, allowing banks to do everything from tracking their competition to measuring customer engagement. These powerful, data-backed decisions are benefitting industry profitability by enabling real world modelling in real-time.

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