Data provider highlights dataset updates and GIS trends

Data provider highlights dataset updates and GIS trends

AfriGIS released their third quarter updates to 14 of their datasets in September at an event attended by clients in Johannesburg. Brian Civin stated in his opening comments that the way data and GIS are used is changing as business pose more specific questions for GIS departments to answer. According to Civin, GIS is not only becoming the centre of business intelligence, but might replace the spreadsheet as an overview and GAP analyses tool in the future. Civin also demonstrated one of the company’s online mapping platforms, GISlike, a value-added service to data purchases.

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AfriGIS staff Vuyo Mazabane, Laurette Coetzee, Christopher Ueckermann and Brian Civin.

In the information session that followed, Christopher Ueckermann looked at the specific updates to the datasets: The AfriGIS Towns Boundaries remains unchanged, but 113 suburbs, 202 SG Towns and 502 sectional schemes have been added. Other additions include 32 480 land parcels to the AfriGIS Cadastre, 16 808 links added to the street centrelines dataset, and 7 139 new points of interest, as well as 607 gated communities. More than 105 000 additions took place on the AfriGIS NAD dataset. The datasets undergo constant updating and modification, which includes the updating of confidence levels – an indicator of accuracy used by the company. The deletion lists can also be obtained from AfriGIS.

As published in PositionIT September 2014 issue:

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