Excellent customer service not an option, but a must-have!

Mar 19 2018

  • SABS SANS 1883 and ISO compliant addresses
  • AfriGIS address platform contains more than 40 Million searchable addresses
  • Accurate and verified addresses


In order to provide excellent customer experience and service; accurate, up-to-date, and quality customer/client data is the key.

Gated Communities and CIPC points in the Woodmead area

AfriGIS verified Geocoded Addresses in the Woodmead area


AfriGIS’s address information/data provides valuable insights and helps you:

  • Enhance your current data quality
  • Get location insights of your customer base
  • Uncover key information about current and potential customers
  • Improve business decision making
  • Inform business investment
  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Eliminate customer frustration

To find out more, talk to us about AfriGIS Gated Communities and CIPC Datasets

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