AfriGIS assists you to put your business on the map!

May 29 2019

Be more competitive by adding offices, branches or assets on a map.

Our maps empower you to:
  • Add a dynamic map into your website
  • Create beautiful and fast base maps
  • Display customisable, simple and powerful maps
  • Include map markers on your office location
  • Include selected Points of Interest (POI)
  • Remotely manage your own layers
  • Extend capabilities with plugins freely available
  • Display updated imagery
  • Customise map styles
  • Add unlimited offices to your map, including drive time directions
  • Share routes via mobile devices
  • Configure and integrate with other AfriGIS services
  • And more…

Based on leading open-source Leaflet library & works across all major mobile and desktop platforms. We host your layers, maps and solutions.

“Location, location, location.” Harold Samuel (Founder of Land Securities, 1944)

Put your business on the map

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