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Beyond borders – AfriGIS develops verified geospatial data for Africa

AfriGIS develops unique geospatial dataset for African continent. AfriGIS's verified and validated datasets cover the African continent's vast and varied administrative boundaries, enhancing strategic decision-making in sectors such as retail, logistics, and governance. Gain access to detailed polygon datasets and extensive data overlays through our APIs, which include everything from street centrelines to demographic insights. Unlock the potential of your African business with accurate mapping and data-driven insights from AfriGIS.

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The power of geospatial data to enhance KYC and customer service in banking.

The integration of geospatial data in financial services is transforming the industry by enhancing Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and customer experiences. This shift towards digital transformation allows financial institutions to accurately verify customer identities, assess risks, and ensure regulatory compliance. Using real-time location analytics, these institutions can better understand customer behaviours and preferences, leading to personalised services and targeted marketing. Address compliance, a key aspect of KYC, benefits from the accuracy and completeness that geospatial data provides, streamlining customer onboarding and improving security. This approach not only aids in detecting fraud but also significantly enhances customer interaction, promising a future where data-driven insights are central to financial transactions and customer relationships.

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Proof that there’s more to uplifting people than skills transfer

Joseph was one of our first learners and he’s still with us 10 years later. He’s become part of the family, now has his own family, and a very promising career in geospatial intelligence. Read the story about how he went from hacking together his own PCs for LAN gaming and web development in Soshunguve to a call centre, Microsoft certification, to become a senior talent at AfriGIS.

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AfriGIS has Africa’s only verified and validated administrative boundary data

We are the first and only company that provides verified and validated geospatial data on Africa’s administrative boundaries, helping couriers, retailers, financial services and many more organisations do business across the continent.

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AfriGIS assists Financial Institutions to SAVE TIME

Submit a single or multiple coordinates in BULK and get immediate answers. AfriGIS assists Financial Institutions to SAVE TIME with AfriGIS Enterprise Reverse Geocoding for fixed and moveable assets.

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AfriGIS assists you to put your business on the map!

AfriGIS assists you to put your business on the map! Be more competitive by adding offices, branches or assets on a map.

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