Weather Insights that can protect properties, businesses and lives

(Pretoria, South Africa – Thursday 14 October 2021)  

AfriGIS offers accurate Weather Insights that can protect properties, businesses and lives.

Traditionally South Africa is not affected by regular extreme weather conditions like tornadoes, cyclones or blizzards. Subsequently, we tend to underestimate the value of weather prediction and analysis. We are, however, very familiar with how our South African droughts, wildfires, hail, and unexpected storms can severely impact citizens, businesses, infrastructure and whole industries. 

The importance and relevance of weather data should not be underestimated. Businesses, government agencies and individuals rely on weather data to drive economic growth, protect lives and property, and inform decision-making. And as the reality of climate change becomes more evident, location-based weather insights will become part and parcel of many industries’ strategic planning processes. 

Whether you are a developer building an app with a weather feature, an insurance company determined to improve service delivery for clients affected by adverse weather, a municipality or company with a large field worker task force, or a courier company needing to determine alternative delivery routes during severe weather conditions – our AfriGIS Weather Solutions, APIs and web-based tools have the answers you are looking for. 

AfriGIS is already the trusted data provider for leading local short-term insurers, telecommunication agencies and national couriers. Here are a few ways in which AfriGIS Weather Insights have made a difference for them: 

  • Enabling major insurance companies to send severe weather warnings to their clients to help manage risk and surges in claims.
  • Providing insurance companies with historic severe weather data to empower them to offer adequate risk cover to their customers. 
  • Developing the South African Weather Service ‘WeatherSmart’ mobile app which  includes storm tracking and a 7- day weather forecast functionality. 
  • Developing early warning systems that can be put in place by municipalities to ensure public safety and be better prepared to handle adverse conditions.  

At AfriGIS, we know that having a comprehensive understanding of where your customers are, is key to achieving your business goals.  

The collaboration between AfriGIS and the South African Weather Service, means a powerful amalgamation of the latest technology, verified and validated SABS and ISO compliant location data and real-time weather data. The combined datasets allow AfriGIS to provide a comprehensive overview of weather patterns and occurrences, wherever you or your customers are. 

Explore the new AfriGIS Iris Weather Module today! If your business is dependent on location-based weather insights, ask one of our experts for an AfriGIS Iris tour, and experience how our Weather Insights can prevent you from finding yourself – or your business – in the eye of a storm. Read more about our various Weather Insights offerings.

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