Geospatial Information Systems

Staying ahead of unpredictable weather conditions

Staying ahead of unpredictable weather conditions By integrating weather-based data with policy information, AfriGIS allows MiWay to proactively inform clients about looming weather events, such as heavy rain, hailstorms, and lightning strikes. This protects clients’ assets and helps to prevent fraud, while also supporting MiWay's goals to reduce operational costs, meet regulatory standards, and promote sustainable business practices amid changing weather patterns.

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Weather Insights that can protect properties, businesses and lives

Trust AfriGIS for accurate weather data. Get a better understanding of where your customers and workforces are and manage weather related risk and exposure by accessing valuable weather insights and web-based tools through AfriGIS solutions.

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South Africa’s new smart cities: a roadmap for transforming all our cities

We are on the edge of a geospatial transformation in South Africa. GIS is the ultimate ‘connector of dots’, and is the key to unlocking the true value and potential of the smart technology that’s required to digitise urban ecosystems and make smarter cities a reality. GIS has the power to unlock rich new insights, power better decision-making, and act as a catalyst for new products and services across all industry sectors. It has the potential to add billions to our economy, improve the quality of life and wellbeing of our communities, and help protect our planet.

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Meet AfriGIS Iris: A Window into the Inner World of Our Solutions

AfriGIS Iris was developed by our team of geospatial scientists with the explicit aim of taking you on an interactive journey to demonstrate the capabilities of AfriGIS Solutions.

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The Power of GIS in Action: Hot Spot Mapping

At AfriGIS we realise that it is sometimes hard to comprehend the extent of what it is that our industry is capable of. A great example of the power and social impact of geospatial information systems (GIS) in action is Hot Spot Mapping.

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