Why spatial data accuracy matters

The strategic importance of data quality in a data-driven world Organisations across various industries rely on high-quality spatial data to make informed decisions that enhance efficiency and drive innovation. Learn why data quality is essential, how different industries prioritise data standards, the role of technologies like AI and machine learning in maintaining data integrity, and strategies for ensuring reliable data and the profound impact it can have on business success.

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Black Swan events and their spatial consequences

Navigating the unpredictable with help from geospatial analytics In a world increasingly defined by unforeseen and impactful 'Black Swan' events, from the global ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic to abrupt geopolitical shifts, understanding and preparing for such unpredictability is more critical than ever. Through the expert insights of Brian Civin and Marna Roos from AfriGIS, we explore how spatial data and advanced weather forecasting can not only predict extreme weather events but also aid in effective urban planning and climate change mitigation.

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Industry-academia collaboration empowers next-gen GIS professionals

"Technical workshops provide hands-on experiences that allow our students to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios,” says Dr Hansen. “It’s a mutual exchange of knowledge and resources that helps to produce graduates who are better equipped with industry-relevant skills and promotes the development of solutions that address real-world problems."

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AfriGIS celebrates ongoing commitment to skills development

South Africa is facing a continued shortage of critical skills, particularly in the information technology sector. Employers are struggling to fill the IT skills gap, with demand exceeding supply. That’s why AfriGIS made a commitment more than a decade ago to invest in several skills training programmes.

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Meet AfriGIS Iris: A Window into the Inner World of Our Solutions

AfriGIS Iris was developed by our team of geospatial scientists with the explicit aim of taking you on an interactive journey to demonstrate the capabilities of AfriGIS Solutions.

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