Location-based Intelligence

Thank you – yes, you!

Why are maps more potent today than ever and very different from the ones we first encountered stored in rolls for Geography lessons at school? Brian Civin has been around considerably longer than AfriGIS’ 25 years (this May). And he has a key insight into why maps are a (not-so-secret) powerful new business enabler.

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AfriGIS turns 25

This May we turn 25 years old, at a time when the industry's fortunes look set to soar.

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8 ways we make location intelligence better

Why should you care what geospatial information and geographic information systems are?

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How you can access fast financial services growth too

We don’t always need more data. Sometimes we need better data that’s more relevant so we can find new opportunities, new ways to serve customers, new ways to help the burgeoning teams of data scientists, product managers, marketers, and all the other people dedicated to turning things around and staying the path.

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Locating the Future with the Power and Potential of GIS

It is our belief that the power of GIS lies in its ability to transform organisational outcomes. That location-based intelligence solutions enhances customer satisfaction, grows revenue streams, streamlines operational performance, and ensures sustained profitability – regardless of the business sector.

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