8 ways we make location intelligence better

How you can create profitable business opportunities using modern geospatial data

By Laurette Coetzee, Business Development Manager of AfriGIS

(Pretoria, South Africa – Monday 11 April 2022)  

Why should you care what geospatial information and geographic information systems are?


Because both are essentially the science of understanding points on a map, the data connected to them, and how they can help your business run better and be more profitable.


Cloud-based location intelligence is a far cry from the old GIS. It’s now the science of location-based analytics and insights that’s on a whole new level.


Why is the market expected to nearly double in the five years between 2020 and 2025 to reach a total of $26.7 billion? Because location intelligence services are cloud-based, more easily integrate data from other business systems, and don’t take an army of engineers to deploy and maintain.


Verified and validated address data drives reliable business outcomes. That means you get location-based insights to help you be more profitable, more efficient, more customer-centric, innovate and deliver new products and services faster.


Stress tested location intelligence

It was these systems that helped countries monitor, plan, and implement strategies to curb the spread of COVID-19 when it first went wild and we knew so little about it. Command councils were able to get dashboards to continuously update relevant information and key statistics about active cases, recovery rates, fatalities, proximity, spread, medical centres, and testing facilities, guiding scientists and healthcare experts to make more informed decisions faster.


These systems have changed the way we plan smart cities.


A Forbes survey shows that 75% of retailers rank location intelligence as critical to revenue growth.


Some of South Africa’s biggest and most respected organisations use it, such as FNB, MTN, Nando’s, Takealot, Discovery, ADT and hundreds of others.


They’re in banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, government, municipalities, education, courier and logistics, retail and e-commerce, property, tracking and security, and many others.


All because we figured out how to:


  1. Get better quality data for profitable business outcomes
  2. Make lookups and search a lot more accurate
  3. Make it play nice with other data sets
  4. Integrate it via the cloud into other business systems
  5. Make the data more secure
  6. Make it more flexible to accommodate a lot more address variety
  7. Cut duplications; and
  8. Make it scale properly.


There’s a lot of wizardry behind that and a lot more nitty gritty detail about technical innovation. But the gist of it is that this is no longer GIS from the ’90s. It’s not even GIS with lipstick that’s a little friendlier.


This is accessible, cost-effective, scientific location intelligence that unlocks the power of data for true business innovation. This is what gives you bird’s eye customer views.


How you grasp opportunity

This is the geospatial intelligence stuff that helps banks, financial services, and insurers manage risk, minimise exposure, and figure out customer complexity so they can drive profitability up.


It’s how retailers get more GP from hundreds or even thousands of stores. It’s how couriers add revenues through efficient operations and better customer experiences. It’s how telecommunications companies slash Opex. It’s how healthcare organisations innovate competitive new customer experiences. And much more.


When you put operations and customers on the map, you create business opportunities.


Let us help you. Reach out for a demo of how you can use location intelligence to monetise your data quickly, securely, and profitably. Mail us on [email protected]

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