Can you use your address data with confidence?

May 30 2018

South African addresses differ from the rest of the world, mainly because of our country’s history and the variety of address formats we have; formal and informal, rural and urban, service delivery, the so called ‘friendly’ addresses for parcel deliveries and more.

The country does not have an official address register and different sources result in ambiguity which complicates inter-operability.  Due to the variety of address uses, customer addresses are stored with no structure and as several address fields.

At AfriGIS we share these intricacies, challenges and solutions with our clients. In essence – comparing apples with apples to provide our clients with the most relevant and best outcome.

According to the South African address standard (SANS1883), an address unambiguously specifies a point of service delivery, which is the actual location where a service could be provided. The AfriGIS master address datasets are SABS & ISO compliant. We include confidence levels on our addresses which gives you an immediate indication of address accuracy and reduces wastage.

Our mapping and address services & solutions include:


  • Autocomplete (address prediction)
  • Geocoding (address to coordinate conversion)
  • Reverse Geocoding (coordinate to address conversion)
  • AfriGIS Geocoding Spreadsheet for bulk processing (quick address to coordinate conversion or coordinate to address conversion in Microsoft Excel)
  • 24/7 Support Call Centre with a dedicated account manager and escalation procedures
  • Easy Map API Integration for Web designers and administrators
  • AfriGIS Search API’s provide access to and integration with the AfriGIS Address datasets.

Can you use your current address data with confidence?

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