Need a better strategy
for your store locations?

As digitally savvy shoppers continue to drive today’s retail environment, we understand the need to strategically rethink your store footprint in order to connect with your customers.

We can help you to develop optimal strategies in the appropriate markets, locations and spaces that make sense for your business.

Our automation technologies create smooth delivery processes that improve customer experience and also reduce the costs involved in last mile deliveries.

How do you know WHERE to open your next shop?

Our approach includes:

  • Integration of Client Data
  • Profiling
  • Analysis
  • Predictions

Speak to one of our experts for a detailed look at how we can help you solve your unique footprint challenges.


Access verified and validated data via our APIs. Integrate in your own solutions.


Experience our capabilities in action.

Take a look at our capabilities, play around, ask us questions. Find out how AfriGIS unlocks the valuable geospatial insights you need to succeed.

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